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Untethered is a harrowing journey into the fever dream.

Augmented by the surreal separation of personality, between id and ego, the dreamer finds himself in a terrifying place, bound and separated from any opportunity for survival.

Even yet, he finds himself hearing his inner voice of strength.

His two sides cooperate to break his bonds and he releases himself yet again into the void.

This time, he goes with his head held high and chest out.




Dark Slumber Creeps from me,
Lush warmth cradles me.
This phantasm stirs the sea.

Awaken in my bed.
Oddities stir me from sleep.
I rise, to find myself within the sea.
Dazed, an angry sun glaring.

Where am I?
Where am I?
(...and I ask myself again...)
Where am I?

My voice echoing
(...under this...)

into the horizon,
(...impassive sky)

causing tremors and tidal monstrosities.
(...can I...)

Engulfed by the raging sea,
like a void consuming everything,
(...find the shore...)

sinking into the abyss.
(...before I sink?)

My lungs, trembling, wanting for air.
(You only have to breathe...)
The light, fading now.
Is this the end?
(... you only must believe.)
Is this the end?
Is this the end?
(... and reach out.)

(My hand...)
Bursting through the emptiness,
(Is here...)
a hand emerges.
(you only have to look...)

Mustering all my strength
I draw closer to my salvation.
(....and you will find...)

Arms outstretched, fingers clasping theirs,
pulling me to the surface.

I look to see me savior,
and his face resembles mine.
and He says
(... that you are....)

(you are free. you are Untethered.)

You are Untethered!



from Glass Ghost EP, released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


The Hereafter Jacksonville, Florida

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